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Simple Cake Decorations With Fondant

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Simple Cake Decorations With Fondant. It may seem challenging, but it's not as hard as you might think. When cake decorating, do you struggle with how to stick fondant decorations to cakes?

Buttercream Piping Technique by CakesStepbyStep - YouTube
Buttercream Piping Technique by CakesStepbyStep – YouTube (Stephen Steele)

All of her delicious creations are. Using rolled fondant is fun but it can be temperamental at times. Use a small knife to cut away the excess icing – don't cut too close to the cake.

Fondant-covered cakes have a smooth, professional look that's easy to achieve.

The taste of this fondant suitable cake is very good but pretty neutral, meaning that you can fill it with just about anything you like, without worrying that the flavors won't go The simplest method is to make a batch of pure buttercream and pipe it around the edge of the cake.

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See more ideas about Fondant techniques, Cake decorating tutorials, Cake decorating tips. Polish using two smoothers together for a perfect finish. Put fondant icing on cupcakes then use the extra to mold creative decorations.

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